Certain allergies seem to rise to the surface of the zeitgeist. The increasing frequency of peanut allergies, for example, has some schools banning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Nurses stations are stocked with epi-pens for kids who are allergic to bees, and people living with Celiac disease now have whole grocery aisles to accommodate their food limitations. 

That said, there is one allergy that remains fairly widespread, and dangerous, the few people think to consider when designing allergy-mindful accommodations: Latex. 

Living with a latex allergy is extremely difficult, yet very few public spaces are designed to accommodate those who have the condition. Symptoms can include hives, itching, and a stuffy nose, but it can also cause difficulty breathing. This is a dangerous allergy, but few professionals, parents, or family members tend to know much about it. 

We saw this lapse in care and information and wanted to do something about it. Latex Allergy Help is a site devoted to spreading awareness and knowledge of latex allergies. Whether you’re a parent with a child who is allergic or a mindful friend who wants to learn more, this contains information about living with the allergy, important questions to ask, and how to be mindful of latex-intolerant individuals. We are contributing to what we hope will eventually be a latex-mindful world.