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Living without Latex in Your Home

When faced with a Latex allergy, a lot can go through a person’s mind. There may be worry or concern for their wellbeing. Children will worry that it could happen to them. You might feel frustration and anger of helplessness that there is no known cure. You’ll likely experience anger about missing out on special events or attractions due to a loved one’s allergy, or perhaps concern about the future, both the latex allergic family member and the family. Sadness over limiting the types of toys, clothing or other items that can be kept and/or used around the family is a frequent feeling.  

When living with a Latex allergy, it is important to get everyone in the house on-board with the lifestyle. While this will mitigate some of the factors that lead to allergic reactions, it is also a useful way to feel less alone. Here are a few tips for changing up your home and lifestyle to better accommodate a Latex allergy.  

Home and Lifestyle Changes 

Latex avoidance is centric in the family’s lifestyle, and it is important to lead a more isolated and protected life. Carry basic latex alternative and treatment medical equipment at tall times. All family members have a responsibility to ensure the environment is latex free. Here are a few additional steps you can take. 

  • All shoes, boots and sneakers must be kept in sealed containers. 
  • Latex free undergarments and clothing must be used. 
  • Should not travel alone and must travel with another person to doctor appointments 
  • Most of the home ventures must be planned ahead to ensure latex avoidance. 
  • Decreased family activities – Cannot attend events that could result in latex exposure – Parties, function, etc. 
  • Removal of rubber items from house. 
  • Replacement of carpets, steam cleaning. 


The kitchen is surprisingly full of Latex products. Here are a few to look out for.  

  • Replace rubber sink stoppers and sink mats with non-rubber types. 
  • Replace rubber or rubber-grip utensils and appliance (cooking and cleaning) with plastic or metal 
  • Avoid contact with rubber electrical or water cords and hoses. 


Latex is water-resistant, which means bathrooms are full of products that use the ingredient. Here are some things to look out for while adjusting to a Latex-free lifestyle.  

  • Replace bathmats and floor rugs that have rubber backing. 
  • Replace toothbrushes that have rubber grips or handles. 
  • Rubber tub toys. 
  • Hairdryer cords and attachments. 
  • Sanitary napkins – some contain rubber. 
  • Adult/Child diapers – some contain rubber. 
  • Cosmetics – some contain rubber. 

Whole House 

Homes are filled with hidden latex products. If you’re adjusting to a Latex-free lifestyle, or if you want to provide more information to friends and family, use this list to illustrate the ubiquity of this ingredient and where Latex products most often appear.  

  • Remove or replace toys with rubber parts, such as rubber wheeled toys, koosh balls, balloons, balls, rubber stamp sets 
  • Kids adhesives such as glue, paste, art supplies, glue pens 
  • Older Barbie dolls and some other dolls are made of rubber 
  • Double – check each toy as many have rubber parts, buttons, etc. 
  • Avoid Rubber bands, mouse and keyboard cords, electrical cords, desktop and chair pads, rubber stamps 
  • Avoid mouse and wrist pads that contain rubber – use plastic types 
  • Avoid keyboards and calculators with rubber keys or switches 
  • AVOID pens with COMFORT GRIP or have ANY rubber coating! 
  • Check & replace any rubber backed rugs 
  • Phones can contain rubber mouthpieces, buttons, antennae and cords – avoid! 
  • Use vinyl for messy cleaning jobs 
  • Remote controllers for TVs, VCRs, etc. can contain rubber grips or keys – avoid! 
  • Electrical cords and weatherstripping – many are rubber 
  • Vacuums, hoses and attachments 
  • Broom handles and grips 
  • Camera, telescope, binocular eye pieces and other parts usually contain rubber 
  • Any adhesive including Envelopes, Stamps, glue. 
  • Newsprint – Newspapers mix ink with latex 
  • Pool toys – most pool liners are vinyl 
  • Bathing caps and elastic in bathing suits 
  • Outside yard tools (watch for comfort grip handles) 
  • Weatherproofing – Car seals, door seals, gaskets