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Negotiating a Latex-Free Life


Latex is used in thousands of household products, and for patients with severe latex allergy any contact may produce symptoms. To make a home LATEX-SAFE you must go through the home and remove as many latex products as possible. This requires that you take a home products list and remove and substitute with non-latex products where possible. 


In order for the school environment to be safe, you must work with the school and help them create a LATEX-SAFE environment for your child. You will also need to have them learn to give emergency medications. A home products list will help you show the school what is dangerous for your child and the available substitutes. 

LATEX-SAFE Products 

We have created a list of common household products that contain latex, with substitutes if they are available. The home products list, while accurate at the time of publication, cannot be relied on 100% because manufacturers change their products frequently. If in doubt, you must check by calling the manufacturer yourself to verify the absence of latex. 

Support Group 

You are not alone with your problems. There are lots of people with similar problems ready and eager to help you. Finding a local support group, or joining an online community, can significantly mitigate the burden of living with a Latex allergy.